Summer Child

I looked forward to Summer
and my long quite walks
on the beach where I’d be
all alone with my thoughts.

We were quite a full family
those years by the sea,
still, someone was missing,
known only to me.

It was strange how I always
     sensed she was near
those summers I spent by the sea.
Then one day, I would find, she had
     spent hers there, too,
not far at all from me.

How often I would stop, along
     my walks,
beside that silent sea,
hoping to find a little girl,
that might resemble me.

I never ceased my summer search,
along the sandy beach,
for she was there, I knew she was,
just simply out of reach.

The bond that linked her soul to mine
sent waves across the sand,
and every time I touched a child,
I felt her gentle hand…