In the Light of Winter


Now, in the so-called “winter” season of her life, and single again…. Kate knew it would not be as easy this time, to find a partner, or even a companion. Her desire to love and be loved was still strong, though. Would it even be possible to find love again?

Her brushes with romance after her first husband’s passing had brought no lasting relationships: Widowed at sixty-five, she had been effortlessly drawn into a spontaneous relationship a year later. When that one ended, someone from her past entered, again, with no action on her part—sadly, that too, ended.

But when a trusted and gifted advisor assured her that love was waiting up ahead—she wanted to believe those words, but dare she trust in them? Facing the precious years ahead, she wondered, Can I be content spending the rest of my life alone? Or should I be strong, and have the courage to keep seeking the companionship I want? Behind the scenes, a power from beyond seems to be at work. Or is it just imagination?